Custom Flags of the World-Ukraine flag
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Custom Flags of the World-Ukraine flag

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Custom Flags of the World-Ukraine flag

Recently, the international situation is very tense, which has led to a continuous increase in the printing demand of relevant national flags.

Most people are thinking about how to customize the flag they want? Where to customize your own flag?

Next, I will give you a detailed introduction, and your questions will be answered.

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Common ways of flag printing are:

digital printing

screen printing

Both printing methods have their pros and cons.

Features of digital printing: high quality, low moq, medium price

Features of screen printing: low quality, high moq, low price

You can choose according to your actual needs

Our factory supports both printing methods, but we usually recommend customers to use digital printing because digital printing is more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective


What can you customize?

Here you can customize the size, flag type, color, etc. you want, we support flexible customization.

Regarding the type of flag, it is usually: national flag, hand-waving flag, car flag, table flag, string flag, etc.

Usually our custom flags have default sizes and types, such as

custom ukrainian flag

Default size: 3*5ft

Default accessories: Two metal grommets

Printing method: digital printing, double-sided printing

Material: 70g or 100g polyester


If you are interested in custom flags, please contact us and we will give you more detailed information



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